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We provide repair on ALL weighbridges and scales – no matter what type or size!

We offer comprehensive 24-hour support and services on ALL weighbridges and scales.

We are SABS and NRCS accredited to unlimited capacity, which means we can calibrate, verify, service and repair your weighbridge and scales on site.

Focusing on regular maintenance keeps your equipment working at maximum efficiency and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns.

Clients can log their weighbridge issues on our 24-hour Call Centre number : 087 550 0464 or alternatively by email :

We provide services and repairs on various scales, including but not limited to:


From the smallest type of scale to the largest type of weighbridge, our powerful weigh software development is perfect for you.

GravityWeigh Software is Africa's leading weighbridge software. It offers unrivalled system integration and data management on ALL weighbridges and scales types.It is ideal for single and multiple weighbridges and compatible with recognised third-party software.

GravityWeigh Software is the only system to provide power and operational flexibility for weighbridge management applications. It is also compatible with leading ERP, waste management and accounting software packages.

GravityWeigh Software has been developed to provide virtually limitless flexibility for future weighbridge management systems. The system can integrate with lead management systems, such as SAB. It is extremely powerful when used in conjunction with our online management and reporting portal.




Ferrotech Scales provides a full weighbridge calibration and verification service.

Ferrotech Scales is a SANAS accredited organisation for both verification and calibration of scales and weighbridges, which enables us to issue SANAS recognised calibration and verification certificates.

With our own test unit, our accredited verification officers guarantee accuracy and reliability of the weighbridge, dramatically reducing the possibility of inaccurate measurements and weighbridge downtime. Our qualified verification officers are available 24/7, ensuring rapid response to customer needs.

Verification is a statutory requirement in the event of calibration, repairs, or on failing inspection. The accuracy of your weighbridge can have a big impact on your company's bottom line. We'll make sure you:

  • Reduce product giveaway

  • Meet legislation

  • Safeguard quality



CWCSA offers great flexibility in financial solutions for businesses wishing to acquire a weighbridge or a management solution. Finance options are available on new weighbridge purchases through our financial partners. We will assist with the application process.

The following finance options are available on all deals:

  • Cash Purchase

  • Installment Sale

  • Rental

  • Rent to buy

  • Hire Purchase

Contact: +27 11 914 3198 | Email: