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Axle Weighbridges are designed to provide fast and accurate axle and gross weight information for all vehicle types from light vans to the heaviest multi-axle vehicles. Axle weighbridge helps ensure that vehicles are properly loaded to their rated capacity and to avoid the many problems associated with overloading, from increased fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear to road damage and an adverse effect on vehicle handling. Ways of preventing a vehicle becoming overloaded.

With an increase in the number of overloaded vehicles being stopped and checked, axle weighing ensures your business stays within the law while also maximising fleet efficiency and safety. Government Gazette on overloading.


Overloaded Vehicles

Overloaded vehicles cause damage to roads which leads to higher maintenance and repair costs. This places an additional burden on the state as well as road users who will ultimately bear the brunt of a fuel levy and vehicle license fee increase.



If you use a vehicle while the mass has been exceeded and the load is not reduced or adjusted or if you fail to proceed on command of a traffic officer or directed by a traffic sign to a weighbridge you can face a fine.


Road Safety

If a vehicle is overloaded:

  • Brakes have to work harder meaning it will overheat and the vehicle will not be able to stop.
  • It will be less stable, difficult to steer and will take longer to stop.
  • It can cause tyres to overheat and wear quickly increasing the chances of the tyre blowing out.
  • It cannot accelerate as normal, making it difficult to overtake.
  • The headlights will tilt up at night, blinding oncoming drivers to possible debris or obstruction.



  • Standard side rails with tyre friendly entry-and-exit points
  • 3m deck
  • 6m deck
  • 7m deck
  • 25MPA Concrete strips/floor foundation
  • 200mm Reinforced 30MPA Concrete with fiber
  • Concrete ramps or Entry Walls


Additional solutions integrating into gravity:

  • SAP
  • Pastel
  • Gravity Management & Reporting Portal (MRP)
  • Yard Management Solution
  • Vehicle Inspection Solution
  • Weighbridge Automation (Un-Manned)

Additional hardware add-ons

Traffic lights
Card Readers (RFID)
Solar Power Solutions

Systems and Solutions to ensure your Weighbridge operation is running effectively and efficiently


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