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Container Weighbridge

Products packed into containers can be weighed & verified using our CWCSA container weighbridge and software (SOLAS compliant). The total content weight is added to the tare weight of the container to determine the container VGM providing shipping compliance to your operation.
Inspections – Weighbridge will be inspected every three (3) months by a CWCSA technician.
Support – Technical support service is available 24/7 via our email and support line.


  • Standard length : 6m or 7m
  • 25MPA Concrete strips/floor foundation
  • 200mm Reinforced 30MPA Concrete with fiber
  • Steal load bearing beams (Container specific)


Additional solutions integrating into gravity:

  • SAP
  • Pastel
  • Gravity Management & Reporting Portal (MRP)
  • Yard Management Solution
  • Vehicle Inspection Solution
  • Weighbridge Automation (Un-Manned)

Additional hardware add-ons:

  • Solar Power Solutions
  • Card Readers

Systems and Solutions to ensure your Weighbridge operation is running effectively and efficiently


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