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Gravity Weigh Software

From the smallest type of scale to the largest type of weighbridge, our powerful weighing solution software is perfect for you.

GravityWeigh Software is Africa’s leading weighbridge software. It offers unrivalled system integration and data management on ALL types of weighbridges and scales. It is ideal for single and multiple weighbridges and compatible with recognized third-party software.

GravityWeigh Software is the only system to provide the power and operational flexibility for weighbridge management solutions. It is also compatible with leading ERP, waste management, and accounting software packages.

Gravity and IT
  • Ideal for single and multiple weighbridges
  • Fully web enabled
  • Powerful database capabilities
  • Compatible with recognised third-party software
  • Control for traffic booms/traffic lights/cameras/card readers (RFID)
  • Fully configurable for individual application
  • Vehicle management capabilities
  • Yard Management
  • Online management & reporting portal

GravityWeigh Software has been developed to provide virtually limitless flexibility for future weighbridge management systems.  It is extremely powerful when used in conjunction with our online management and reporting portal.

Gravity and IT
Gravity and IT
Gravity and IT


Our automation installation runs as an expansion to the basic installation (One system built up from an existing basic installation)

  • Weighbridge Robot Stop and Go indicators
  • Boom gates
  • Capturing of Images of truck/trailer/container loading
  • Loading induction system

With some of the automation little to no human intervention is required


We can supply and support as well as maintain all office equipment required on and around the weighbridge:

From the basics like:
  • PC Workstations
  • Networking
  • Printers
  • Uninterrupted Power supply (UPS)
  • Local Backup solutions
To Expanded setups like:
  • CCTV Setup
  • Server Setup and install
  • Offsite backup solutions
  • Remote view
  • Automation
Software Support:

We have the necessary skills to maintain and keep all our equipment installed on site working as smooth as posable to maximize your business performance from the operating system to the more advanced sections in GravityWeigh.

Gravity and IT