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Lightning Protection

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Lighting Protection

Lightning Mast And Protection System

Lightning conductors can also be called lightning mast, finials, air terminals, or strike termination devices. They are available in different types like hollow type, solid, pointed, rounded, flat strips or bristle brush-like. The main feature of a lightning mast is that the materials used to make the conductor are conductive materials like copper, aluminium or steel. A metal rod placed on the side of the weighbridge or on top of buildings is known lightning conductor. This conductor is struck first by lightning without hitting surrounding structures, preventing fire or electrocution. It provides a harmless and easy path for the lightning energy to pass into the ground minimising damages to other posable equipment and structures. The “path” or the earthing system is installed from the base of the conductors to an earthing mat. The conductor provides a poor resistance path between the top of the conductor rod – through a substantial metal strip or cable – to the ground.

Hence the current from the lightning strike is diverted through the mast and avoids flowing through sensitive equipment and

Vertical rod or mast up to 16 meters in height create lightning protected zones that extend in a 45° cone from the rod’s tip. To achieve optimal protection, installing a lightning mast at the most central point no more than 2 meters away from the protection aria being
targeted. The “path” of the earthing system always leads away from the protected aria.

The earthing system consists of earthing cable and earthing mat. The “path” is made up an earthing cable running from the base of the lighting mast to an earthing mat that is berried in dens, compact ground for better earthing conduction. The mat is 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter x 0.3 meter in size

Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection

Standard Install Specification

A 16m lighting mast is installed at the most centre point, no more than 2 meters away, of the weighbridge side. Installation is to be done preferably on the same side as the weigh office to include the office in the protective zone, if the distance allows for it.

The earthing mat is then buried 900mm in dens compact ground no more than 4 meters away from the lightning mast. The earthing cable between the base of the lightning mast and the earthing mat is buried at 900mm to connect the earthing system to the lightning mast.